Grow Stage # Of Weeks PPFD # Light Hours Average DLI
Stem Cutting 2 150-200 24 13-17
Transition 1 200-400 18 13-26
Seedling & Veg 2-3 400-600 18 26-39
Early Flower 1-2 600-800 12 26-35
Mid-Flower 4-6 800-1000 12 35-43
Late Flower 1 600-800 12 26-35
Ripening 1 500-600 12 22-26

Source: Cannabis Grower’s Handbook


PAR Meters are expensive($300-$500), so I’m using the next best thing, a $5 app. Photone

While its not on par with an actual quantum meter, Shane from Migro thinks its acceptable for the hobbyist. Migro Review

My Lights

Grow Environment

Trying to take VPD into consideration these days. Pulse has some great information on VPD here

Stage RH Temp
Veg 40-60% 70-85F
Flower 40-50% 65-80F


Moisture Meter

Recently picked up the Blumat digital moisture meter for the 30gal so I can dial in my irrigation. I plan to eventually get a cheaper reotemp meter and calibrate it to the 30gal and use that for the 10gals and house plants.

Condition Measure (Mbar)
Saturated, very moist to moist 10-40
Moist to moderately moist 50-120 (target zone)
Dry to severely desiccated, irrigate range 120-190
Dry - Irrigation Urgently Necessary 200-300


Loosely following the “BuildaSoil Way”

Low Stress Training


The trellis is made from 4 foot bamboo stakes cut down to 2 ft and lashed together with soft garden wire to create two 16 cell grids. One is about 6” above the pot and the second is another 6” above that.

As the plants grow I tucked the tops under the bamboo to encourage side growth to grow to create an even canopy about 8” under the light.


I’ve been terrified to defoliate more than a few leaves at a time in flower. I know I need to be better about it, especially in the 2x2 where space is limited. These are some videos I’ve seen that have helped me.



Post Processing

Dry Sift

Current set: 60 , 90 , 110 , 200

LPI Microns
80 177
100 149
120 125
140 105
170 88
200 74
230 63
270 53