Posting Sucks

End Of All Meph Run One

This morning I chopped all four plants on Day 75.

To say I phoned this one in would be an understatement. We had a guest come visit us for almost the entire 4th week of the grow so I missed a good chunk of caretaking time. After I lost the rhythm it was pretty much hands off after that, I’d go weeks without opening the tents, and I think they only got 2 or 3 feedings. The El Chemi Kiwi in the 2x2 had some watering issues with the Blumats so that one really struggled.

Regardless of my hands off approach this run the Meph genetics still produced some great looking plants. 2 of the GWKs went purple at the end and had a great(but also burnt) finish on the leaves and the buds looked frosted to all hell. They were all particularly gassy so I’m sure the neighbors noticed and definitely appreciated it… They’re all hanging in the 2x4 now and I put the humidifier in there with them. I have an eye on humidity level on my phone, I’ll be damned if I over dry these beauties. Let’s hope I can manage this for 14 days!

With the holiday coming up I probably won’t be starting the next run until the New Year, but I will try to post one more post grow update.

I Hate Writing Posts

Posting in jekyll isn’t much fun, and it’s a little bit of a hassle to include images, so I never do it. What is fun is microblogging with Mastodon, so I setup another instance, this time on an vps that can actually handle it. You can read about it on the Mastodon Page.

I’ll be posting random updates, images, thoughts, and cat content there. Posts here will continue to occasional but larger posts, like grow wrap ups.

Site Changes

I changed the about content to the home page and moved the blog posts to a separate page so when I load the site I get the day counter without clicking, and I’m probably the only one reading this any way…

Vacation Season

Run update

The last run went okay, all things considered. I got a pretty good yield despite kind of phoning that one in.

The 2x4

The Brooklyn Sunrises ended up doing pretty well. Two of them got super lanky and one stayed pretty squat. The two that got lanky ended up forcing me to pull them off to the side and away from the light, and the plant in the middle ended up getting a little over crowded by the other two.

The squatier plant ended up struggling a bit more than the other two and I didn’t do a great job of keeping her feed and happy. It was yet another lesson in the need to defoliate and strip that shaded out growth.

Key points for the next run: train your damn plants man and feed before they need.

The 2x2

The 30g is cheating, I feel like the worms are doing all the hard work and I can let this container ride with minimal intervention. The Canna-Cheese blew away my expectations, had I started training her in the trellis sooner and stayed on top of it I think I could have done much better. By the end of the run I had a bunch of really nice looking buds falling all over the place with very little effort.

This Meph run has me really excited to see what happens with this coming all Meph run.

Key points for the next run: Train your damn plants man.

Harvest and Vacation

The day before I left for a week I chopped all 4 plants. I noticed the honeywell fan I had hanging failed again at some point and The Brooklyn SR in the center of the 2x4 looked a little off so I cut that one first and broke it down to dry in my cardboard dry box away from the others. The other two Brooklyns and the Canna-Cheese all looked and smelled great and I hung them to dry in the 2x4 after I removed the pots and cleaned the sides. I made the mistake of turning on the exhaust fan to low before I left and I think screwed me.

When I got back everything was pretty much toast…

I need to invest in my drying process asap.

Moving Forward

Just got back from Michigan and Im feeling inspired (all that fresh lake air) and have another run planned. I might post more updates this time as I’ll have more free time. Maybe not.

The next run will be 3 Grape Waker Kush in the 2x4 and 1 El Chemi Kiwi in the 2x2. Wish me luck.

First Meph Bean

First of Many Mephs

I started my first Mephisto bean for this run in the 2x2, Canna Cheese 1:1. After not fucking up the last two plants I grew in there I’m pretty confident this bean will have a good run. I’ve been waiting to grow out my Meph collection until I grew(stunted) my way through the cheaper, more ‘pedestrian’ automatics.

After fucking up the Lemon potion in the 2x4 Im excited to try growing another 1:1 CBD strain. Even more exited to see how it sifts and presses into rosin. This should be a good run.

Dutch Passion

I finally popped the Brooklyn Sunrise Auto’s I got last 4/20. These were the last of my Not-Mephisto beans so ideally this will go great and give me the confidence I need to pop 3+ meph beans (💰) next run.

These gals have the potential to get pretty big and I hope they do, I’d love to fill the 2x4 with some ⛽.

Tent Reset

After cleaning the tents I filled the 10gals back up with the old BaS and mixed in a 1/4 cup of Craft blend and about 1/2 cup or more of castings per pot. Then I topped the pots off with fresh Light Mix and fresh straw (less than last time though)

In the 30 gallon I topped dressed with roughly the same amount of Craft Blend and castings but added Kashi Blend to help break down the plant material I added back after harvesting and trimming.

New Toy

Sustainable Village was running a 4/20 sale on the Blumat meter so I had to pick that up for the 30gal. I plan to get a cheaper reotemp meter and calibrate it to the 30gal so I can measure the other pots and various house plants that I’m probably over watering…

The Blumat meter will let me know how moist, or not, the soil is so I can dial in the carrots more precisely. Im hoping this makes for a happier plant.

Eyes on Photos

My attraction to autos is wanning. I know more now and after stunting a few good autos Im starting to see why they aren’t great for beginners, despite what you may read. I was intimidated initially by the light schedule and photoperiod so stayed away. Now I see that control as a benefit, and I wouldn’t mind playing with clones either.

I’ve been looking at Blueberry Muffin by HSC as my entry to photos, but we’ll see.

April Flowers

I’m Lazy

Writing posts isn’t fun, tinkering with HTML and CSS is. Sorry. Worth noting too, when 3/4 of your plants are tiny stunted ugly ducklings you aren’t always in the mood to talk about it.

Dry Time

All four plants got chopped on Saturday and are now hanging in the 2x4. I’m hoping that the tent will help me keep the drying conditions closer to where they need to be. I took the pots out of the tent too and combined all the soil into a HDX tote until I’m ready to start the next round. I’ll be adding Craft Blend and another bag of BAS Light Blend to the mix when its time.

Despite me stunting the Sour Diesels and not keeping the Hotz canopy even, I think I’ll walk away with more flower than I know what do with. Just kidding its all going to get turned into hash.

Presidank's Day

Hotz Day 44

I started putting in the second level of the trellis over the weekend, I figure I’ll add more as I need too. The Hotz is doing great in the trellis and has been super easy to stretch and bend around. I suspect she’ll start to stiffen in the coming week or two. While I was pruning the leaves I took off my first 9 tip leaf, I was sad to do it but it was a huge leaf taking up a ton of canopy space.

hotz-9-leaf_z4lkrk.jpg hotz-day-44-skirt_pzqwrw.jpg hotz-day-44_y21fmi.jpg

Top Dress

I applied the 30 gals first top dress for this run and watered it in with a light sparying.

  • 1 Cup of Craft Blend
  • 1 Cup of castings
  • 1/2 Cup of Bokashi Blend

Aloe Water

I also gave all four plants some aloe water over the weekend.

Sour Diesel Day 14

Off too a slow start due to what I think was too much light(One of these days I’ll get a hang of this..), but I think they’re on the comeback now and look pretty good. Well two of them look pretty good, the third might be a freak, I started my last Red Poison in a solo cup incase this third SD doesnt make it. If the SD does rebound I may have to get creative with the RP.

sourDiesel-day-17-all_s8yzce.jpg sourDiesel-day-17-freak_nweuce.jpg