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With the #TwitterMigration happening I’ve seen a lot of interest in Mastodon grow over the last few weeks, so I’ve decided to take another go at hosting an instance.

I believe it’s important that the cannabis community move off of the profit driven platforms that have long ostracized them.

In that spirit I have stacked out some space in the fediverse on the cheap (as is tradition around here) and setup camp.

Previously I setup a server on a $5 digital ocean droplet with their “One Click Install” I quickly discovered that the $5 droplet wasn’t going to cut it and quickly lost interest. Digital Ocean agrees and you can’t use their Mastodon image on anything under their $12 tier now.

Wih Digital Ocean priced out, and at the time of writing this their image was still v3.5 I wanted 4, baby. I started looking at managed hosting providers, mainly for their $6 beginner tier, but they still haven’t opened reg back up so I said “I’m going solo.”

RaspberryPi is hosting their instance on a pi in the sky (love it) and their provider posted this about needing at least 4 gigs to be comfortable.

I used that information as a starting place for my search. ~4 gigs of ram and as much storage as I could get. But I knew I didn’t want to go that route with mythic beasts.

What I ended up settling on breaks down to less than $10 a month. Not too shabby, and I predict this should sustain me and whatever small community I gather for a while.


Server: Renting a VPS from a host in Chicago(spend local) for $7+tax a month.

Software: Vanilla Mastodon 4.1.2 (as of 5.2.23)

Domain: less than $10/year